We’ve Moved (Our Blog)!

While nothing could get us to leave the farm, it was time for bigger and better things for our farm’s blog.

We’ve just finished migrating over from our old wordpress.com blog to our new self-hosted blog. Most of the posts from our previous blog will still be available here, and many new ones are on the way.

Although this growing season will soon draw to a close, we’ve already started preparations for a big season next year.

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Scented Geranium – Luciflora and…Not Luciflora

Spring planting has been coming along wonderfully. As of today, along with the colder weather plants, nearly all the tomatoes are up and even the peppers are starting to pop up.

Most of the scented geraniums successfully made it through the winter despite the ceaseless flooding in the greenhouse. They’re all going to be moved to raised beds for next winter, but for now they’re growing like crazy and getting their first haircuts of the season.

Today I was working with the scented geranium Luciflora—the real Luciflora.

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Starting Leeks

This weekend we prepped the Summer House for spring vegetable starts, converting the trellising into tables. Here’s Tim finishing adjustments to the legs and starting to pull down the table tops.


The tables already have some native flower starts, and for the vegetables we’re starting with the alliums—the onion family—because they can go out the earliest.

We already have a section of Walla Walla onion starts planted out in the field, and they’re doing fabulous. They enjoyed a fairly warm, sunny weekend and are now getting plenty of rain.

Today I started several leek varities in the Summer House, including American Flag, Bulgarian Giant and Lungo Della Riviera. The last two are new to us this year and should be a delicious addition to our leek collection.

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New Tree — Rescue ‘Rooter’ Pear

My apologies to whoever named the beautiful Rescue pear and to Rescue Rooter for borrowing their name, but my dad, who names all our trees, just couldn’t help himself.

Our newest tree is a Rescue pear, and it’s taking the place of Elly, our poor, deceased Elberta peach, in the orchard. We had to dig out Elly, who developed bacterial canker near the base of its trunk early last year.

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